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A. Dan Tarlock, James N. Corbridge, David H. Getches, Reed D. Benson & Sarah F. Bates, Water Resource Management: A Casebook in Law and Public Policy (Foundation Press, 7th ed., 2014).

Sarah Bates & Lawrence J. MacDonnell, eds., The Evolution of Natural Resources Law and Policy (Amer. Bar Ass’n, 2010).

Philip Brick, Donald Snow & Sarah (Bates) Van de Wetering, contributing editors, Across the Great Divide: Explorations in Collaborative Conservation and the American West (Island Press 2001).

Richard L. Knight & Sarah F. Bates, eds., A New Century for Natural Resources Management (Island Press 1995).

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Lawrence J. MacDonnell & Sarah F. Bates, eds., Natural Resources Policy and Law (Island Press 1993).

Marc Reisner & Sarah F. Bates, Overtapped Oasis: Reform or Revolution for Western Water (Island Press 1990).

Law Review Articles

Sarah Bates, “Bridging the Governance Gap: Emerging Strategies to Integrate Water and Land Use Planning,” 52 Nat. Res. J. 61 (Spring 2012).

Douglas Kenney, Sarah Bates, Anne Bensard, & John Berggren, “The Colorado River and the Inevitability of Institutional Change,” 32 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 103 (2011).

Sarah B. Van de Wetering & Matthew McKinney, “The Role of Mandatory Dispute Resolution in Federal Environmental Law: Lessons from the Clean Air Act,” 21 J. Envt’l L. & Litigation 1 (2006).

A. Dan Tarlock & Sarah B. Van de Wetering, “Western Growth and Sustainable Water Use: If There are No ‘Natural Limits’ Should We Worry About Water Supplies?” 27 Pub. Land & Resources L. Rev. 33 (2006).

  • Selected as one of the ten best land use and environmental articles of 2006 for reprinting in Land Use & Envt’l L. Rev. (2007).
  • Excerpted as “Water and Western Growth” commentary in the American Planning Association’s Planning & Env’tl L. Digest (May, 2007); excerpted in The Water Report (Sep. 15, 2007); updated and reprinted in Env’tl Law Institute’s Envt’l L. Rep. (2008).

Sarah B. Van de Wetering & Robert Adler, “New Directions in Western Water Law: Conflict or Collaboration?,” 20 J. Land, Resources & Envt’l L. 15 (2000).

A. Dan Tarlock & Sarah B. Van de Wetering, “Growth Management and Western Water Law,” 5 Hastings West-Northwest J. of Envt’l L. & Policy 163 (Winter, 1999); reprinted in Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute (2000).

Sarah F. Bates, “Public Lands Communities: In Search of a Community of Values,” 14 Pub. Land L. Rev. 81 (1993).

Other Articles and Chapters

Laura Ziemer, Sarah Bates, Meg Casey, and Ada Montague, “Mitigating for Growth: A Blueprint for a Groundwater Mitigation Exchange in Montana,” 148 J. Contemp. Water Research & Ed. 33 (Aug. 2012).

Sarah Bates, “Where Land and Water Meet,” Saving Land (Spring 2012).

Sarah Bates, “Integrating Water and Land Use Planning: Strategies to Bridge the Governance Gap,” The Water Report (June 15, 2011).

Sarah Bates, “Water in the West: The Evolving Prior Appropriation Doctrine,” in Megan Baroni, ed., Whose Drop is it Anyway? Legal Issues Surrounding Our Nation’s Water Resources (Amer. Bar Ass’n, 2011).

Sarah Bates, “Going with the Flow,” in Jonathan D. Moreno & Rick Weiss, eds., Science Next (Bellevue Literary Press, 2009).

Sarah Bates, “Forests in Hot Water: Climate Change, Water, and our National Forests,” Your National Forests (Winter-Spring 2009).

Numerous commentaries on Headwaters News and Science Progress, e.g.:

  • “Nor Any Drop to Drink” (federal water conservation measures)
  • “Water in a Warming West” (EPA’s climate change water strategy)
  • “Watering the West” (growth and water)
  • “Restoring the Waters” (river restoration)

Matthew McKinney, Patrick Field & Sarah Bates, “Responding to Streams of Land Use Disputes: A Systems Approach,” 60 Planning & Envt’l L. 3 (March 2008).

Sarah Bates Van de Wetering, “Institutional Mechanisms for Managing Western Water: Implications for Recreation,” in Water and People: Challenges at the Interface of Symbolic and Utilitarian Values (USDA Forest Service PNW-GTR-729, Jan. 2008).

David H. Getches & Sarah B. Van de Wetering, “Integrating environmental and other public values in water allocation and management decisions” and “Protecting indigenous rights and interests in water,” in Douglas S. Kenney, ed., In Search of Sustainable Water Management: International Lessons for the American West and Beyond (Edward Elgar, 2005).

Lawrence J. MacDonnell & Sarah F. Bates, “Water and Community in New Mexico” (book review), 14(4) Rivers. 70 (Jan. 1993).

Sarah F. Bates, “Whitewater Dilemma: Allocating Boating Permits on Limited-Entry Rivers,” 3 Rivers 266 (Oct. 1992).

Sarah F. Bates, “The Changing Policy Environment in the West,” in Rocky Mountain New Perspectives: Proceedings of a Regional Workshop (USDA Forest Service RM-220, Sep., 1992).

Sarah F. Bates, “Protecting the West’s Most Valuable Resource,” editorial in U.S. Water News (March 1991).

Sarah F. Bates, “Finding the Law,” chapter in County Government and Wildlife Management: A Guide to Cooperative Wildlife Management (Colo. Div. of Wildlife, 1986).

Dale Hein and Sarah Bates, “Criteria for Hiring Wildlife Employees,” The Wildlife Society Bulletin (Spring 1983).

Research and Policy Reports

CNREP, Mapping the River Ahead: Priorities for Action Beyond the Basin Study (Carpe Diem West, 2014).

Sarah Bates, Land Trusts and Water: Strategies and Resources for Addressing Water in Western Land Conservation (Land Trust Alliance, 2014).

Sarah Bates & Lynn Scarlett, Agricultural Conservation and Environmental Programs: The Challenge of Measuring Performance (2013).

Water in the U.S. American West: 150 Years of Adaptive Strategies (Policy Report for the 6th World Water Forum, March 2012).

Sarah Bates, Bridging the Governance Gap: Strategies to Integrate Water and Land Use Planning (CNREP, second edition 2011).

CNREP, Governing Like a River Basin: Options for Expanded Stakeholder Engagement in the Colorado River Basin (Carpe Diem West, 2011).CNREP, Thinking Like a River Basin: Leaders’ Perspectives on Options and Opportunities in Colorado River Management (Carpe Diem West, 2011)

Sarah Bates, contributing ed., Remarkable Beyond Borders: People and Landscapes in the Crown of the Continent (Sonoran Inst. 2010).

Sarah Bates, California State Water Project Governance Options (2010).

Sarah Bates, Federal Land Exchanges: A Primer for Local Land Use Planners (2010).

Sarah Bates, Federal-State Collaborative Initiatives for Resource Management and Restoration (2010).

Sarah Bates, Blueprint for a Ground Water Mitigation Exchange Pilot Project in Montana (Trout Unlimited Montana Water Project, 2009).

Sonoran Institute, Western Landscapes in the Crossfire: Urban Growth and the National Landscape Conservation System (2009).

Matthew McKinney, Patrick Field & Sarah Bates Van de Wetering, Responding to Streams of Land Use Disputes: A Systems Approach (2007).

Sarah B. Van de Wetering, Bridging the Governance Gap: Strategies to Integrate Water and Land Use Planning (2007).

Sarah B. Van de Wetering, Sustaining Montana’s Working Landscapes (2006).

Sarah B. Van de Wetering, The Legal Framework for Cooperative Conservation (2006).

Public Policy Research Institute, Federal Advisory Committee Act: What BLM Staff Need to Know When Working with ADR-Based Collaborative Community Working Groups (U.S. BLM, 2005). 

Lawrence J. MacDonnell, Charles Howe, Kathy Miller, Teresa Rice & Sarah F. Bates, Water Banks in the West (Natural Resources Law Center, 1994).

Sarah F. Bates, The Changing Management Philosophies of the Public Lands (NRLC, 1993). 

Sarah F. Bates, Managing for Ecosystems on the Public Lands (NRLC, 1993).

Sarah F. Bates, Public Lands Communities (NRLC, 1993).

Sarah F. Bates, The Western Public Lands: An Introduction (NRLC, 1993).

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